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ClimateGate : Global Warming Hoax Exposed

Critics say the global warming theory may be nothing more than hot air as the COP15 UN Climate Conference draws near. The debate stems from leaked emails stolen from the Climate Research Unit at East Anglia University (CRU) in Britain.

Thousands of emails from staff at CRU, the main source for measuring global temperatures, were compromised by Russian hackers and posted on a Russian server earlier this week. The media firestorm that followed, named ClimateGate, was an epic backslide for the Global Warming Movement.

The emails show that temperatures have not risen in the past 10 years and are likely to fall over the next several years. The emails expose a system of peer reviews and data manipulation that tried to hide the lack of rising temperatures.

Climatologist Dr Tim Ball Discusses Global Warming and ClimateGate :

Bill has a somewhat biased approach, and there are many organizations complaining about how far out of context the shadey statements were taken from the emails.

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