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CryoSat 2 Satellite Will Measure Ice Thickness

Global warming and decreasing glacier ice have long been a topic of the climate change believers and disbelievers. A new satellite being launched today in Europe will allow scientists to measure the thickness of ice from space. CryoSat 2, the read more ..

Solar Panels for 117 African Schools and Clinics

The Kenyan government has appropriated $6.6 million to supply solar panels to rural regions that to this day still do not have electricity. The pilot project, costing $3.6 million will allow remote communities to enjoy more modern medical care, read more ..

Australia Burning Hottest Decade Ever

Australians have just suffered through the hottest decade ever recorded and there is no break in site for the new year. The average temperature was half a degree Celsius above the average temperature over the past 50 years. Climate experts expect read more ..

The Obama Deception Video

The Obama Deception by Alex Jones, shown in full length below, is a documentary film about America’s hidden super powers and their influence on politics and monetary policy. Whether you buy into the ideas in the film or not, it’s good read more ..

Protesters Clash With Police at Climate Summit COP15

Climate Change Activists parade through downtown Copenhagen on Wednesday beating drums and chanting slogans. A group of Protesters are beaten and arrested after breaking through the police line at the end of the parade route.  You can hear read more ..

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s COP15 Presentation

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s presentation at the United Nation’s Conference on Climate Change (COP15) in Copenhagen Denmark today. Arnold starts out thanking various dignitaries from around the world and throws out a few quick jokes before read more ..

Al Gore Presents at COP15

Al Gore’s presentation to the COP15 Delegates included some startling statistics, potential impacts, and possible solutions. Gore presents data from new reports and cites new computer models showing the rate of ice melting on the polar caps read more ..

COP15 Protesters Arrested in Denmark on Sunday

Copenhagen, Denmark – Video of Peaceful Protestors being arrested at the United Nations Climate Summit, COP15, on Sunday (dec 13th). Police move in to arrest several protestors with brute force and dogs as intimidation on a street in read more ..

ClimateGate : Global Warming Hoax Exposed

Critics say the global warming theory may be nothing more than hot air as the COP15 UN Climate Conference draws near. The debate stems from leaked emails stolen from the Climate Research Unit at East Anglia University (CRU) in Britain. read more ..

Satellite Photos of Melting Sea Ice

These satellite photos, recently released under the Freedom of Information Act, show a dramatic change in the sea ice surrounding Barrow Alaska. It is estimated that approximately 1 million kilometers of sea ice disappeared in 2007 alone. The read more ..